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Dashboard tour

Your dashboard will vary based on the configuration of your account and the actions that are available to you, but will always follow the same general format, as detailed below.

Employee Dashboard

Dashboard actions

At the top of your dashboard, you will find a list of actions that you can take. Upon clicking one of these actions, you will be asked for more information or a confirmation before the transaction is completed.

An action may be disabled if your current session doesn't fulfill its requirements, such as being at an unknown location.

The time shown in the "Punch" action is calculated in real-time using your computer's time zone. In rare cases, it may not line up with the time of the server. If you find that your punch confirmation message shows a different time than you expected, check the clock on your computer and contact your administrator.

Manager status panel

Only shown to employees with direct reports, the manager status panel gives you a quick look at the status of your reports and highlights items that require your attention, such as a pending time off request or a timecard with errors.

You can read more about the manager status panel here.

Your workday

Your workday shows the transactions that make up your current shift. If will also highlight missing transactions if you perform two in or out punches in a row.

Upcoming time off

Upcoming time off gives you a quick look at your pending time off requests or time off that is scheduled in the future. By clicking a time off entry, you can get more information or cancel the request.