Support Center

What is Clask?

Clask is a suite of tools to empower your employees and make managing time quick and painless. Replacing the constant back-and-forth emails attempting to correct a timecard with simple employee-driven timecard suggestions, Clask was built to save your company time and make your pay periods more efficient.

Clask supports most of the time features that are used by companies, but can be extended to support more.

  • Punching in and out of work
  • Time off requests
  • Allocating time against work orders or other activities
  • Timecard editing and approvals
  • Flexible pay period durations and week starts
  • Overtime calculations and rounding
  • Location restrictions and mapping
  • Remote employee time zones and easy timecard views
  • Configurable employee actions using custom fields

Who can use Clask?

Clask was built for any size company and can even be integrated with another time and attendance system for more complex setups using Clask PLUS.

Clask works especially well for companies with mobile employees with its native mobile apps and GPS capabilities.