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An admin or administrator is a user with permissions to modify the settings of a company and its users.


Allocations are buckets against which time can be tracked. An allocation can be anything from a work order number or client ID to a department or open text field.

Employee PIN

An employee PIN is a unique identifier for an employee. The PIN makes it easier to sync data between systems and ensure no duplicates exist. Employee's can also identify themselves with a PIN before creating an account.

Feature groups

Feature groups determine the actions that employees can take when they log into their Clask account. Feature groups can also set restrictions around location and GPS availability for performing those actions. Common feature group setups are:

  • Allowing hourly employees to punch in when they are at a known location
  • Allowing employees within a specific department to add their hours in blocks
  • Allowing all employees to submit time off requests

Employee groups such as hourly or a specific department are determined using segments.

Registration code

Every company has a 4 or 6-digit code assigned upon creation. When self-registration is enabled for employees, this code is used to determine their company and verify their employee record.


Segments are values assigned to employees allowing grouping and other customization. A segment typically consists of a name and multiple values. Some examples include:

  • Pay Class: Hourly, Salary
  • Status: Full-time, Part-time
  • Department: Marketing, Engineering, Sales (etc)
  • Location: Minnesota office, California office