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Pre-launch checklist

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Before you start adding employees to your account, we recommend double-checking the following settings as they can be harder to change once employees begin using the system.

Time settings

This section can be skipped for Clask PLUS users

Your time settings cover everything from the length of your pay periods to how overtime is calculated across your employees. If Clask's overtime settings are insufficient for your company or state laws, we recommend disabling overtime calculations and handling them manually before importing time into your payroll system. You may also want to consider Clask PLUS, which allows your to integrate Clask into a variety of fully-featured time and attendance systems.

View time settings here

Feature groups

When an employee logs in, they see actions on their dashboard based on their feature group.

Here are a few scenarios you can set up with feature groups:

  • Salary employees requesting time off
  • Hourly sales employees punching in and out at a known IP address
  • Engineers adding time worked directly to their timecard

View feature groups here


With allocations you can allow employees to track time into buckets such as work order numbers, clients, activities, or even segments like department.

If you want to ensure that all of an employee's time is tracked into one of these buckets, you can require the allocation be set. This will automatically add the field to punches, transfers, and time added directly to a time card by the employee, their manager, or an administrator.

Allocations must be assigned to employee segment groups to appear in their account.

View allocations here

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