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Onboarding your company to Clask

These instructions are for the standard version of Clask, PLUS users should contact

There are three methods you can use to onboard employees to Clask. Onboarding employees includes both creating the employee records as well as linking them to new user accounts so the employees can log in.

Manual invites (one at a time)

When adding or viewing an employee you can send an invite using an email address. The employee will receive an email with a link to set a password and access their account.

CSV upload

When uploading employees, if the CSV contains email addresses those employees will receive invite emails to set their passwords.

Employee self-registration

If self-registration has been enabled for your company (view settings) employees can create their own accounts using the company's registration code and their employee PIN at

It is recommended that you set a company domain to require employees to use and verify their company email address.

The settings page includes a sample email containing the registration code that you can send to your employees.

The employees must have already been added to Clask (without email addresses) for self-registration to work.